“My relationship was a wreck! It had been for a long time, but I was unwilling to see it for what it really was. Kiaundra came highly recommended from a friend. I never been to therapy before for any reason, so I was reluctant to go and so was my spouse. But we went anyway, and I am so glad we did. We went through months of weekly sessions with Kiaundra where she was empathetic, honest, and gave us tools we needed to change our relationship. We were headed for divorce, but we stayed together and love each other now more than before. I am not saying our relationship is perfect, but working with Kiaundra kept our family together.”

B.A. & J.A.

“Our relationship was good! I mean really good! We were getting married in less than 6 months. We found Kiaundra randomly online after briefly talking about getting pre-marital counseling before the wedding. We completed 8 weeks of sessions with her and it was extremely helpful. We learned so much about ourselves and each other and made sure we were on track to staying together forever. I tell everyone I know who is getting married soon to go to Kiaundra. Every penny we paid was worth it!”

Z.C. & T.C.

“I found Kiaundra online in a time of personal relationship crisis. After submitting an inquiry, I received a call from Kiaundra within an hour and I had an appointment scheduled for that week. My experience with KW Couples Therapy has been life changing! Kiaundra has emotionally accompanied me through several life transitions in the past year including marriage, a major cross-country relocation, and even infidelity in my relationship. I will never forget her attentiveness to my growth and her willingness to accept me as a whole, a perfect person worthy and capable of healing! I can confidently say that because of my sessions with Kiaundra I know as a matter of fact, that I am a powerful and pro-active person in charge of my life. I can completely call Kiaundra and the KW Couples Therapy team a cheerleader for the rest of my life, and for this I am forever grateful.”


“Kiaundra has helped me work through anxiety and depression that I have struggled with for some time. She is wonderful, kind, honest, hilarious, and full of joy. I am stronger because of her support and my husband understands my struggles more than ever because of the resources and guidance she has provided. I looked forward to our weekly sessions because I felt the hole I was in was so deep. Now it’s because I can’t wait to share my latest little wins, my joys, and the growth I can see in myself. I can’t stress enough how important the decision to go to therapy was for me. Whether you are struggling with mental health concerns, or having issues in your relationship….contact Kiaundra today! Your life will be changed forever.”


“We would like to express our profound gratitude to Kiaundra for her words of wisdom. Her guidance and encouragement have helped save our relationship. Thank you again for helping us reflect on how much we love and deserve each other and assisting in our communication. She helped us bring happiness back into our union. She is the best!”

D.F. & J.N.