Top 3 Relationship Killers: Money, Sex and Poor Communication

Top 3 Relationship Killers: Money, Sex and Poor Communication

There are so many things that can cause relationships to end.  I am a firm believer that if you are aware of what causes relationships to end, then you can use that as a protective factor in your relationship. To sum it all up for you, the top 3 areas I am about to mention should be the areas that you make sure you stay on top of. Try your best not to slip in these areas. If you do, figure out what you need to do quickly to address any issues. The top 3 reasons that couples split include:

1. Money Issues
2. Sex
3. Poor Communication

If you know me, you know that I am HUGE on effective two-way communication. Honestly, I think majority of issues that arise in relationships are due to poor communication. Money issues are due to poor communication and sex is definitely due to poor communication. In both instances, conversations need to be happen in order to maintain equilibrium in the relationship. Often times, one person and/or both parties tend to hold in information instead of addressing things as they occur. Holding in information turns into a buildup and it is bound to come out. It usually comes out in the form of bringing up a topic or subject from weeks, months or even years ago that you failed to mention at the time it occurred.

Below are some topics/tips that can and will get the conversation going, hence create healthy communication habits with your partner.

-Discuss financial goals, financial planning, and any debt
-Discuss budgeting: overspending, monthly allowance
-Share spending habits: past, present and future

-Discuss frequency, style and desires
-Discuss lack of desire, wants, needs
-Fidelity and Infidelity issues

Poor communication
-Address issues as they occur
-Listen to understand, not just to respond
-Try to avoid having difficult discussions at the end of a long day when tired

Money issues, sex, and poor communication have a reputation of destroying relationships. Don’t let yours be one of them!

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